Private medical marijuana dispensary in kelowna


Knowledgeable staff, high quality products.

Dried Herb

Indica to Sativa and everything in between. Over 15 varieties ranging from $8 – $14 per gram.


From capsules to brownies, we offer a wide variety of edibles manufactured in commercial kitchens.


Top quality, lab tested concentrates. Best option for pain relief and sleep.


Arthritis and muscle relief is the bread and butter for cannabis infused topicals.


Our mission is to deliver the highest quality at a reasonable price. Patients are our mandate!
TLC is a private society for medical access.

Skilled and knowledgeable staff are here to help you. We are trained to understand the various uses of as a medication. We understand the difficulties of the Health Canada MMPR and MMAR licensing programs.

Whether you are looking for non-psychoative to treat inflammation, pain, and epilepsy or for cancer and pain treatment, we will help you access medical products.

  • CBD
  • THC
  • Topicals
  • Edibles

most common ailments treated with cannabis

You are not alone when seeking treatment with medical cannabis!
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Chronic Pain

28% of our medical patients suffer from chronic pain. Arthritis, broken back, tennis elbow, etc.

Cannabis is a proven treatment for chronic pain!
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Trouble sleeping? Turn’s out that one in five of our medical patients also suffers from insomnia.

The good news is that cannabis can help! We have product to help you sleep.
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Anxiety & PTSD

Cannabis can help with your anxiety and/or PTSD. 16 percent of our members suffer from a form of stre
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8% of our members are currently treating or have a history of cancer.

Cannabis is known for mitigating pain, inducing rest and creating appetite.


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